Biofield Therapy and Trauma Resolution

transformative integration

Since the beginning of time, energetic medicine has played a vital role in indigenous cultures. Today, science is proving the effectiveness of these ancient modalities. At InnateEnergy, we provide a proprietary blend of biofield therapy, bioenergetic medicine, trauma resolution and energy psychology. This healing modality removes unconscious trauma, creates homeostasis in the body / mind / spirit, and assists alternative and western medicines to be more effective. InnateEnergy is the healing bridge to integrated emotional and physical well-being.

Listening into the body’s innate wisdom

Jordana Gainsworth BD, DNM, ACIC

Biofield Therapist, Energy Medicine Intuitive
In the mid-nineties, the National Institutes of Health acknowledged there is a field of energy and information surrounding and permeating all living organisms. They named it “the biofield”. Jordana Gainsworth, founder of InnateEnergy, has been working as a Biofield Therapy practitioner and researcher, as well as an Energy Medicine intuitive for the past twenty-four years. With her unique gift—the ability to listen to the body’s innate wisdom— she is able to find where emotional/physical trauma and disease become enmeshed. It is a non-invasive, energy-based approach to helping release imbalances and bring homeostasis to the body. She has also had great success with this methodology in working with animals, both wild and domesticated.

Biofield Therapy and Trauma Resolution

Holistic Health : Integrated

Through her years of extensive studies and research, both abroad and in the United States, Jordana has developed a proprietary healing technique: Significant XchangeTM. Utilizing both energetic and bio-electromagneticmodalities, such as Ondamed therapy, she is able to transform symptoms and allay issues afflicting those who suffer from long-term trauma and critical health imbalances.

Much of the trauma in our bodies cannot be measured or seen by present day imaging devices. Being able to pinpoint where those “traumas” reside within the body—what Jordana calls “subtle energy encapsulations”—is the first step in releasing long term issues. Encapsulations can cause interference in the overall health and homeostasis of the body over time, leading to the onset of disease and emotional dysfunctions.

These encapsulations can lie dormant within the body for years, causing it to compensate and find alternative ways for coping with internal and external stressors. These imbalances lead to further trauma.It is when symptoms begin appearing “out of nowhere”—manifesting as low-grade depression, unexpained anger, anxieties, tremors, digestive issues, inflammation, physical pain, auto-immune issues, vertigo, et cetera.

Through her Significant Xchange process, Jordana has successfully facilitated clients to transcend their challenges—leading to a more cohesive and optimal life. Access to this mode of healing comes at a much needed time when the world-at-large is being challenged to deal with many external and internal conflicts and choices. Working with this effective modality in person, remotely, or in conjunction with mainstream medicine, can only accelerate the journey to holistic health and well-being.

"Jordana was there for me after the unexpected death of my dear husband. She helped me work through my grief which affected me deeply both physically and emotionally. I have found a
certain ‘groundedness’ thanks to her care—her ability to ‘unpeel layers’ of stress, anxiety, and trauma helped me grieve in a healthy and nurturing way. I am forever grateful for her supportive, non-judgmental and intuitive touch.”
Louise S. | San Diego, California

Significant XchangeTM | BioEnergetic Medicine

Working with the Biofield

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
Concussions and head injuries
Behavior modifications
Chronic pain

Childhood trauma
Phobias and fears
Weight loss
Regeneration and rejuvenation
Autoimmune issues

Accidents and physical injury
Heart & cardiovascular issues
Essential tremors / Parkinson’s
Edema & lymphatic issues
Physical injury and amputation

Emotional trauma and abuse
Bioenergetic healing for animals

“Through the work of Jordana, I have been able to keep my arthritis from progressing.
A two-year comparison MRI has shown no additional damage to my spine and neck. This is the result of regular treatments with her. I am very grateful. In addition, I came to Jordana in subsequent sessions for knee pain so severe I could barely walk. After two treatments,
all pain was gone and it has remained gone! ”
Annette R. | San Diego, California

Behaviorial Issues and Trauma in Animals | Animal Communicator

Special Treatments

Behavioral and health issues occurring in animals stem from factors ranging from human abuse, environmental/social experiences and genetic issues. The biofield plays a critical role in the health and well-being of life as we know it.

At InnateEnergy, we provide a proprietary blend of biofield therapy, bioenergetic medicine, and trauma resolution for animals. This healing modality removes conscious and unconscious trauma. In addition, it enhances the effectiveness of alternative and western medical treatments.

In-person sessions are available to address behavioral issues and trauma in domestic pets (dogs, cats, horses), as well as for animals within organizations that manage and/or care for wildlife.

“Animals, like us, are living souls. They are not things. They are not objects. Neither are they human. Yet they mourn. They love. They dance. They suffer. They know the peaks and chasms of being.”
Gary Kowalski | Author of The Souls of Animals

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